Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fire Drill!!!

Remember that rain I was so enthused about? Well it just got even better!!

Someone at the Safety Switch in my building decided now would be a primo time to have a FIRE DRILL!! What kind of idiocy does that?!

So, the god forsaken buzzers start clanging and our new company president (her first fire drill here) bolts out of the office telling everyone to Come on! Let's go! Naturally, I have to save everything I'm working on (because I have a deadline in 3 days and I REALLY don't want to lose everything I've done this morning) , grab my crappy little umbrella (because of course, my BIG NICE one is in the trunk of my car) and I leave the building - scowling all the while.

Only to find out that while I took the back stairs (aka the quickest route to the meeting up spot for everyone in the building) our Prez took the front stairs and is now looking for me! And even better, I don't have her number programmed in my phone so I can't even call her to let her know she can call off the search and rescue!!

Aaaargh!!! What ELSE is going to screw up today?



Kathryn said...

So. YOU were on one side of the building and the Prez was on the other??

Crap....that can't be good. And they're looking for you? Like, where did they think you'd gone? Burned to a crisp in the faux-fire?

Little did they know you really went to Dunkin Donuts for a latte!

Whitney said...

No idea where they thought I'd gone... ESPECIALLY when you consider that for my little company I AM the Safety/Security person. What I really did was hang out under the giant eave and smoke a cigarette and bitch about the rain. Oh well. Free break I guess. Thanks for commenting!