Tuesday, November 17, 2009

OH cussity cuss cuss cuss

I think I should rename this blog "The Bitch and Moan Spot" or something along those lines...Maybe a tribute to the Allman Brothers "The Whining Post"? It seems like that's all I really do on here anyway.

I think the IT IDGITS at work are onto me. (I've been blogging from work when my spreadsheets start congealing and my eyeballs are ready to roll down my face.)

LAST week, all out of the blue, blogger.com was mysteriously disconnected. It's STILL disconnected. I don't get a "blocked" message but an "Internet Connection Lost" message instead. Which I find more than a little suspicious since there are almost always several internet tabs open on my screen but all the OTHER ones are still "connected"...Hmmm...

So...no I didn't disappear my loyal followers (all 3 of you). I've been bamboozled and sabotaged by the rats who work in my basement. I am now posting from home and trust me, it's going to get flaky...

SPEAKING OF RATS!!! We've had a mouse in our house for the past couple weeks. My daughter first noticed him one morning when she was getting out of the shower. She panicked when she saw a little mouse butt and little mouse tail slipping underneath the bathroom door. You'd have thought an axe murderer was traipsing up and down our halls from the way she was carrying on. (Tell me - what is there REALLY to interest a mouse in a bathroom??)But I digress.

I've bought traps. Different kinds of traps. First off, let me tell you, those round spring loaded D-Con traps do NOT work. Not for smart mice. I put them out where there were 'signs of activity' - in otherwords, little micey presents. But instead of actually CATCHING the mouse, all I really did was share our lovely peanut butter and cheese with our newest house guest.

SO, a couple days ago, I bought the traditional traps AND poison. (Poison is the last resort for me because mice never fail to crawl off and die someplace where they can STINK but I can't get to them - ugh!) I hadn't gotten around to having the Hubs set them until last night. I don't do that; he does.

What prompted setting them last night I hear you query? Finding 'presents' on my STOVETOP!!! 'Presents' which weren't there yesterday when I left for work!!! AND, finding his cozy little house in the drawer where I keep my kitchen towels and hot mitts!!! NASTY NASTY NASTY!!! I am ticked. The Hubs sets traps on the counter top, in the drawer(remember not to reach in there for a while) and under the sink.

I check all the traps this morning and woohoo!!

Sing with me now! (to the tune of the Munchkinland song)

Ding Dong the Mouse is Dead!
Which old mouse?
The Little Gray Mouse!

Ding Dong the Little Gray Mouse is Dead!
He died in the kitchen drawer!
Snapped his neck!
His little gray neck!

Ding Dong the Little Gray Mouse is Dead!

I hope you laughed as much as my husband did when I surprised him with it in the shower this morning...

SO, the morning started off good anyway...

Thanks for perservering!


Blondie said...

Cute post honey! Thanks so much for the sweet comments you left on my Louise Brooks post. I'm so glad you enjoy my blog! I hope you have an amazing day...Kori xoxo

Bunny said...

Hey Whitney,

Thanks for visiting for ailing me...lol I am with your daughter on the mouse thing...a long time ago in a marriage far far away, a mouse came into our house and just like the movies, my daughter and I jumped up on the couch. We stood there till my Uncle came and rescued us from the jaws of the little varmint. Please feel free to wonder on over again and I'll take a peek on your blog once in a while, just to make sure your not manufacturing mink stoles....wink~


Bunny said...

oopsie...I meant to say poor ailing me .....see, that's how sick I am..lol have a good one!

Circe said...

Hi there! I am way behind on everything INCLUDING thanking you for joining/following my blog! ;)Welcome!!

Oh, I am no stranger to the mouse thing (why are they so cute when we can disassociate/distance/ or in artwork and yet SOOOOO repulsive when sharing space with us? Eeeegggshhblwaaa-a-a!) About 10 years ago, in our first house, we tore up our shrubs out front. I noticed tunnels under the root structure, but thought nothing more of it. Later that week, the front door blew open during a big storm. A few minutes later we spied a BIG mouse tip-toeing across the living room rug. Silently. I know they follow base-board paths that they mark for themselves (blech) when they are established; this guy I think just blew in with the storm. In the blink of an eye he was gone, never to be seen or heard from again. UNTIL MONTHS LATER IN OUR BASEMENT... our posh retired breeder's cat had staked out the laudry-room; wouldn't budge much for days and days, though she seemed healthy enough. Well, we moved the washer and some boxes and found where he had gone. He and his WIFE... had set up house (so lucky there were no signs in the rest of the house!) She waited them out and caught both LARGE adults and all the babies. Good girl! Ding dong, indeed! ;D

Circe said...

Oh dratnabbit! I posted the mouse comment in the wrong place!??I am new to this or something? Hardly...

December 1st-- and another first.


Circe said...

oh double duh... I should stay home safely...