Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Quack Quacker Quack Quacken





The sounds of me sprouting feathers, coughing up feathers, growing webs between my fingers and toes... Of me becoming a duck.

I guess it was just too much to hope for. Too much to ask. Ungrateful me for hoping for more than 4 days WITHOUT rain in my little corner of North Alabama.

People complained LAST summer and preceeding years because we weren't getting enough rain. The "DROUGHT" was all we heard about when the nightly news was on. Well, I hope all those people are happy.

Now I wonder if we're all starting to feel just a little like the people who DIDN'T make it onto the Ark.

Not that I really know what gopher wood is but I think I'm going to start checking into it's availability and who's been buying it most recently.

And then I'm going to get on THAT guy's good side.


Marie said...

My brother moved back from Alabama about 2 years ago. I loved the weather there. So much different than California, but I definitely could do without the insects that come with it.

Well, keep safe. I hear it's been very stormy.


Whitney said...

To Marie:
Yes. I LOVE our thick air. You're right MUCH different than California. Spent a week on the Nevada/California line a couple years ago on business and I felt like the Crypt Keeper by the time I got home my skin was so dry! I knew frogs drink through their skin; didn't know people did too until I stepped off the plane in Huntsville, AL!! haha! Thanks for reading!